Thank You!

Ebor Vale RDA works very hard to provide a great service within the community, but all of our work would not happen if it wasn’t for the many people who help.

Firstly can we say a huge THANK YOU to go to Lesley, Sam and Gareth Dexter, they have been great in allowing us to be part of their yard, use the facilities and make it our home. They are very accommodating and we could not appreciate it enough. We hope to have many more happy years as part your yard


A big thank you to our farrier Alistair Stiff who provides our group with a great service, keeping our horses and ponies feet in top condition and giving advice when needed (as well as a donation to the group every year)




English’s Pet shop in Pocklington, thank you for collecting donated and paid for bags of carrots for our very grateful equines (and thank you to the customers and public who have very kindly donated these bags!)


Our grant providers and fundraisers, thank you!!

February 2020.   Persimmon   £1,000   for two new Saddles.

October 2019   David Ford Trust    £500   for an E-bike.

September 2019   Bruce Wake Charitable Trust    £2,500  Unrestricted.

September 2019  HSF   £1,600   for a  Defibrillator.

July 2019   Cottingham Charity Trust   £1,000   Unrestricted.

April 2019  RDA National  £7,500   towards a container for a new Training Room.

March/Dec 2019    Pocklington Co Op   £2,110    for our Pony’s Welfare.

March/Dec 2019   East Riding of Yorks PA Grant    £3,999    towards a new Training Room.

March 2019   Pocklington Sports and Social Club Darts Team    £385    Unrestricted.

Jan/Dec 2019   Kerianandbox    £2,110   Unrestricted.

Jan 2019    Wooden Spoon    £3,000    for a Pony and Harness.





Thank you to our great volunteers, without you we really wouldn’t be able to run the group, your hard work and dedication is what makes us.



I am sorry if there is anyone I have forgotten, but please be assured we appreciate all your help !